12th Planet @Club Sector - 深圳

12th Planet @Club Sector - 深圳


场所:深圳 Club Sector

地址:深圳市南山区 A8音乐大厦 裙楼2楼

参演艺人: 12th Planet 、








本名 John Dadzie,但因艺名 12th Planet或Infiltrata而被人们所熟知。这位Dubstep风格的DJ/制作人来自美国洛杉矶。他将Bass和Dubstep音乐带到了北美主流人群的视线中。

Born John Dadzie but known artistically as 12th Planet or Infiltrata, this dubstep DJ and producer hails from Los Angeles, U.S. He is known for bringing bass music and dubstep to the North American mainstream.

Dadzie成长于LA的南部。他第一次发现电子音乐还要追溯到高中时期的一场Raves and Jungle派对。在使用Infiltrata作为艺名期间,Dadzie联手DJ Lith创立了厂牌Imperial。这个全新的厂牌让他能在纯正的Bass和Drum Beats上大展拳脚。

Dadzie grew up in the southern part of Los Angeles. He first discovered electronic music in high school at raves and jungle parties. Under the DJ name Infiltrata, Dadzie joined forces with DJ Lith to create Imperial Recordings. The new label allowed him to produce original bass and drum beats.

2006年,Dadzie跨越到了一个全新的音乐领域:Dubstep。他的新艺名:12th Planet暗指了那本作者为Zecharia Sitchin,名为《The 12th Planet》的小说。在小说中,作者对一个构想出的星球,Nibiru进行了理论具象化。一些极客们评价他的音乐就像“去the 12th Planet旅行然后回来了”一样。

In 2006 Dadzie took his musical career towards a new direction: dubstep. His new musical alias 12th Planet alludes to the novel “The 12th Planet” by author Zecharia Sitchin, which theorizes the existence of another planet called Nibiru. The sci-fi geek explains his music is supposed to feel like “a trip to the 12th planet and back.”

12th Planet曾和很多大牌,如Skrillex、Datsik、Doctor P、Plastician以及Skream合作过。那首《Reasons》就是一首和Doctor P联手制作的歌曲,入选SPIN杂志评选的“史上最棒的30首Dubstep风格歌曲”名单。SPIN更是称12th Planet为“Dubstep之王”,UK杂志则是称他为“美国Dubstep教父”。

12th Planet has collaborated with big names like Skrillex, Datsik, Doctor P, Plastician, and Skream. The track “Reasons” is a collaboration with Doctor P and was declared by SPIN Magazine as one of the “30 Greatest Dubstep Songs of All Time.” SPIN Magazine has acknowledged 12th Planet as the “King of Dubstep” and UK magazine MixMag dubbed him “US dubstep godfather.”

12th Planet在音乐界已经成为了领袖级别的人物,他在美国、欧洲以及澳大利亚已经展开了多次巡演。而他也多次参加各大音乐节,如EDC、Ultra、Beyond Wonderland、Nocturnal等。

12th Planet has taken on leadership roles in the music industry including revamping SMOG records in 2007. He continues to be successful as both a producer and a DJ touring internationally in the U.S., Europe, and Australia. 12th Planet has frequented popular EDM festivals like the Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra, Beyond Wonderland, and Nocturnal.